hi, im Amy, 16, US. I have had my struggles with anorexia and recovery and you have had your battles too. its time to grow and move on to bigger and better things. i love you! i hope you injoy my space here. xoxo <3 good vibes

Where did all the hippies go

Where did all the hippies go? The activist, environmentalist, the psychedelic human beings. Not the kids that wear their obey shirts and high dollar sneakers and beanies that are only care about money and getting high. Since when did we start calling those kids hippies. I want to know where the people with long hair and dread went. That were okay with growing their own good and living in the dirt. I want to join them in the trees they must have fled to, to get away from this strange society



So.. I’ve seen people on here do this before and maybe it can work for me. Though I never imagined I’d ever be in this situation and it kills me to ask, but..

I was recently in a car wreck which fractured my pelvis in three places and there is a chip in my bone. The hospital rushed me out two days after the wreck so now I’m stuck at home and trying to heal. My car is totaled and now I can’t go to work (even if I wasn’t injured.) 

My problem is that I will have a high hospital bill even with insurance. My family is in a financial problem because of extremely high taxes and I honestly don’t know how I’m going to pay for it. On top of this, I have college expenses and now that I can’t work, I can’t pay for it..
So..If you can, please donate to help my family and I out. If there had been any other way to pay for it besides this, I would do it, but this is my absolute last resort.. Please and thank you. I really appreciate it, even if you can’t donate, I ask you to reblog.

You can contact me through my email:


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Its for a good cause people! even if you can’t donate! SIGNAL BOOST! my friend needs all the help she can get! as well as alot of rest time! qwq

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We Heart It.


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Thinking about making YouTube videos for my hooping… Hmmmmm

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