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hi, im Amy, 16, US. I have had my struggles with anorexia and recovery and you have had your battles too. its time to grow and move on to bigger and better things. i love you! i hope you injoy my space here. xoxo


Waking up in a Volvo in Eastern Oregon



If you sucking dick, girl I ain’t mad atcha.

If you got a sugar daddy, girl I ain’t mad atcha.

If you getting laid every damn night, girl I ain’t mad atcha. 

If you doing nudes, girl I ain’t mad atca.

Do yo fucking thing, shawty. Live your life. You only got one. Be fucking happy.


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♥Stop Thought♥ zen/peace




The Rethink Homelessness campaign aims to dispel stereotypes and remind us that the circumstances which lead to living on the streets could happen to each and every one of us.

What people have done, or what caused them to become homeless shouldn’t have any relevance on the fact that they are human beings that deserve shelter and food. And this shit kind of reeks of “these people don’t deserve to be homeless because they have degrees or had jobs and aren’t addicts or mentally unstable” when no one deserves homelessness.

This is powerful. Signal boost, people!

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Gardening and painting

Baby brother helping me paint the garden


this is my fave post everevr i think

someone’s finally said it
Me fire eating ;D
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